Become a meditation teacher

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Inspire yourself, inspire others

To teach meditation is to align with an ancient tradition that has helped millions of people overcome suffering, confusion and despair.

Within every person is the potential for unconditional love, insight, wisdom, inspiration and creativity. These qualities accompany the goal of meditation, what some traditions call illumined mind, the Holy Spirit, the inner Self or self-actualization.

Teaching meditation can enhance these qualities and sustain the connection to inner potential. Meditation teachers find that they experience them powerfully when they teach.

The next step in deepening your practice could be to train as a meditation teacher. There are a number of training organisations listed on this site. However we do not specifically recommend any particular school or teacher. We leave this to you to explore.

Depending on the style of meditation you prefer, you can train in one or all of our defined categories subject to your experience, training and practice: personal development, therapeutic or spiritual. These categories are based on the types of meditation offered and they represent the broad spectrum of available meditation styles.

As a professional qualified meditation teacher you will:

  • Serve your community, family and friends
  • Facilitate transformation
  • Share skills that improve lives
  • Teach how to deal with negative emotion
  • Offer support for ongoing meditation practice
  • Learn how to successfully create and sustain meditation courses
  • Competently promote your classes
  • Deepen your own practice and understanding of meditation

Your students will learn how to:

  • Establish a meditation routine
  • Think more positively
  • Meditate effectively
  • Understand the mind and emotions
  • Recognize negative emotion
  • Uplift the mind
  • Stay calm
  • Use various meditative techniques
  • Communicate more effectively

Meditation teachers make a difference in people’s lives. They are able to convey love and understanding to their students and share tools that will help them achieve a more peaceful, intelligent and loving life. This benefits the teacher, the student, the community and the world.


From the Heart

Some shares:

“As a teacher of many years I continue to remain enthralled at the participation in the meditative teaching experience. To teach meditation is to be privileged to aid others in their journey to wholeness and indeed, to receive as much as one gives.  As my style incorporates compassionate attention to individual needs and expectations, clients honour me with trust as they move towards the meditative state.  
In the power of teaching meditation I am reminded of the similarity – and contrast – between my role and the role of the concert master.  Where in music, the conductor aims to create a complete harmonious sound, as I lead the meditating group I aim to create a complete harmonious silence.  As teacher it is essential that I am truly present, and with integrity, to each participant so that gradually, like the resolution of a musical composition, personal interaction builds sufficiently to open the way for others to be led, gradually, to the positive changes they are seeking.”  (PM)

“Teaching meditation provides me with the opportunity to share a deeper appreciation of life with my students. We take the journey together into a more relaxed, spacious and calm sense of being. The release (and sometimes relief) that this gives them is apparent, and tremendously rewarding for me.” (GA)

“It is a great blessing to share the teachings of meditation. I always feel more alive, more present after a class. If I happen to be dealing with some difficulty beforehand, teaching uplifts my perspective and shifts my mind into a more positive state. Afterwards I can see more clearly, I feel lighter and I am often filled with inspiration. 
Teaching meditation is a way of serving my community. I meet a wonderful variety of people from all walks of life. It never seems like work, and sustains joyful living. It has deepened my understanding of the meditative process and it enhances my sense of self and my relationship to the world.” (DM)

“At first I thought, ‘Oh, not me, I am not a teacher, I don’t want to teach, I just want to learn and grow in myself’.
Later I thought, ‘People seem to make it all so complicated. I’m sure there are easier ways to learn to meditate. If people just understood what their brain is doing in various situations, I’m sure it would be easier’.
Later still I thought, ‘I love to share, to teach, to make a difference’. I feel such joy when I see someone really ‘get it’ and his or her face and demeanor change. The positive changes are so exciting to see as people re-orient their lives to a higher purpose and direction, which releases such inner strength and power. Individual lives improved means a better world for all. One by One, with meditation, we can change the world!” (LW)