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No texts, please, we’re meditating

When a photo of a wall covered in lush green foliage showed up on Grace Clarke’s Instagram feed, she felt an immediate urge to track it down. Stressed out and headed to a meeting at Madewell, where she works as a social media copy editor, Ms. Clarke saw that the wall’s location was on East [...]

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The power of meditation with Andy Puddicombe

Andy Puddicombe is the founder of the massively popular meditation appHeadspace. He is also a renowned meditation teacher. But he started out as just a normal college kid who liked playing sports. And then he suddenly decided, at the age of 22, to move to Nepal and become a monk. 10 years later, after training [...]

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Meditation meets neuroscience

Almost everywhere you turn you hear of the benefits of mindfulness. It’s being used in therapy and as a way to manage stress in a wide range of areas. But modern mindfulness has ancient Buddhist roots. Long-term Buddhist meditators and neuroscientists are now getting together to share the experience and the science of meditation. We [...]

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Free meditation apps

Often times the hardest step in approaching meditation is knowing where to start. Meditation Australia member, Frances Kelly has created two user friendly apps to introduce both children and adults to meditation by means of 5 and 10 minute guided sessions. Available for both Android and iPhone, these apps are an excellent introduction to the practice. “Take [...]

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