Book release: Freedom from stress and anxiety

Australia has an anxiety crisis, according to author David McRae.

One in three people suffer serious stress and distress in their lives and one in five experience a mental health condition in any year, according to the Australian Psychological Society.

Anxiety is the most common of these conditions. Surveys show the incidence of anxiety has risen greatly in the last five years.

The crisis is local as well as national. There are around 100,000 stress and anxiety sufferers in the mid north coast Across Australia it is in the order of six to eight million people.

NSW north coast resident David McRae has worked with thousands of stress and anxiety sufferers over thirty years, in major holistic health centres in Victoria and the USA, and in the mainstream mental health services. He has now put his experience of what works into a book, Freedom from stress and anxiety.

As a health educator and counsellor David saw that his clients wanted more help with things they could do for themselves to help recovery. From teaching meditation and mindfulness methods in the 1980s, he added many further lifestyle and self-help measures over the following decades. He learned from what clients told him as well as from experts around the world.

If a sufferer can develop the right range of strategies and treatments for them, like successfully putting together a jigsaw puzzle, they greatly increase their chance of recovery.


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