Book release: In stillness conquer fear

by Pauline McKinnon

This new, revised edition is published by Garratt Publishing, 2016.   

(First published in 1983 by Collins Dove Publishing)


Thirty-something years ago Pauline McKinnon’s groundbreaking book, In Stillness Conquer Fear (1983) pioneered public understanding of anxiety as a social problem. This updated and revised edition sheds new light on the escalating phenomenon of anxiety in our society. Today, Pauline’s book is a more relevant read than ever!

In this updated and revised edition readers will discover the life-enriching Stillness Meditation approach which transformed Pauline McKinnon from a debilitating life as an agoraphobic, trapped in her home, to an anxiety-free mother of four who became an inspiring authority on freeing people from their anxieties, fears and phobias.

In Stillness Conquer Fear will enhance the reader’s life by sharing how those inhibiting ‘twins’ of anxiety and fear can control our lives – mentally, emotionally and physiologically, and how the practice of Stillness Meditation can enable people to ‘let go’ and lead a fulfilling, addiction-free life.

With the current plethora of meditation ‘techniques’, the book explains the critical differences between Stillness Meditation and others, and why Stillness is so effective as a method of providing true ‘mental rest’ and restoring our emotional and physiological equilibrium.

For those involved with young children and students, they will understand the importance of incorporating the simple, but powerful practice of Stillness Meditation at home and in the classroom, for just a few minutes each day.

While providing an in depth insight into Stillness Meditation, as well as Pauline McKinnon’s empowering personal story, readers will understand how allocating just minutes a day can contribute to lasting inner peace, without gurus, chanting, dogma or religion.

This new, updated and revised edition of In Stillness Conquer Fear, literally has something for everyone in these anxiety-charged, multi sensory, stimuli-filled times. Whether a parent, student, carer, counsellor, teacher, lawyer, grandparent, sportsperson, coach or show business personality, this book has real life-changing value.

This new, revised edition is published by Garratt Publishing, 2016.

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