Holding a safe space for a meditation group

Holding a space that contains a felt sense of safety and connection is a special gift that meditation teachers can share with their  students. It’s what we aim for in our groups, so how do we achieve it? Facilitating a meditation group involves more than simply guiding specific meditations or teaching students a technique. As meditation [...]

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In faith, trust and gratitude

I was sitting in my car waiting to collect our two daughters from dance class and I had the most all-encompassing feeling: I’ve got cancer.  It was a thought that came from nowhere, – I never worried about my health. The feeling never left. Over the next six months I visited my GP four times, Two others [...]

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How the works of man relate to the works of nature

'In this excerpt, landscape designer Jai Cheswick aims to demonstrate how one can blend the philosophy and lived experience of meditation yoga into one's work - in this instance, landscape design/landscape architecture.' - Fiona Hyde : Williamstown Yoga & Meditation. In landscape design I found myself looking towards the east. I noted that the designers [...]

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Four meditation superpowers – why meditation matters

The real point that meditation addresses, and that makes it quite relevant and universal, is this: You have a mind but you are not the boss of your mind, often your mind is the boss. Your mind is your most valuable asset. What’s going on in your mind can make you happy or miserable, successful or [...]

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Music as Meditation – The Power of Sound

Music is the great mantra tradition of our own culture and I’m including in this all the different kinds of music we hear each day – popular, jazz, rock, classical, dance, rap, military and film music. The word music is derived from the word muse which means “to meditate on something”. So music is a [...]

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The matter of mind

How often do we stop to consider that magnificent faculty – our mind? Tucked away somewhere within our marvellous human brain, somehow there dwells our mind – the centre of our thinking. Are the thoughts that we’re thinking good thoughts or otherwise? Are they relevant, useful, productive, peaceful, reactive – or even distressing thoughts? To [...]

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Is your “Happy Place” really a happy place?

In my role as a meditation teacher, I’m privy to many assumptions about the practice. Such assumptions are most frequently expressed when I’m invited into a workplace, where, not surprisingly, I’m bound to share the room with a number of sceptics. Typically, such people have not explored meditation in much depth, and tend to view [...]

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Andre Agassi on life, tennis… and being in the moment

Meditation Australia member David Packman had the opportunity to speak to tennis legend (and Lavazza ambassador) Andre Agassi during the recent Australian Open and he brought up the concept of mindfulness and meditation. Here is what the former world No.1 and eight-time Grand Slam champion had to say:   “When I played, as you look [...]

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New Study: The effect of meditation on generalised anxiety disorder

A new study published in the January 24th edition of Psychiatry Research, confirmed that eight-weeks of mindful meditation can be crucially beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety. Researchers from the Georgetown University Medical Center selected 70 people who suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) to undergo one of two different forms of treatment. One group took an [...]

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Become a meditation teacher in 2017

Looking for a stress-free career? Then consider becoming a meditation teacher. If you enjoy working with others and deeply value the positive impact meditation has made on your own life, then perhaps the next step in deepening your practice is to train as a meditation teacher? Meditation teachers make a difference in people’s lives. They [...]

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