Five ways you’re draining your energy level

Are you struggling to stay awake during the day? It could be the culprit is not so much what you’re doing wrong as what you’re NOT doing. Here are five quick fixes to optimise vitality > meditate, stretch, breathe, drink, sleep. Read more

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School detention replaced with meditation

As a kid in detention—for those of you who ever did hard time after school (hand raises)—did you ever spend that time thinking about what you did? A school in Baltimore, USA, is trying to change that. The Mindful Moment Room at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School is a meditation room that is the alternative to sending kids to [...]

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Why we need meditation in the workplace

If you've ever wondered what one thing Google, General Mills, Target, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Oprah Winfrey have in common, it is a commitment to mindfulness practices in their workplace. Once associated with a highly spiritual lifestyle set apart from the mainstream, mindfulness training courses are becoming the norm in huge corporations in big [...]

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Why meditation makes you more productive

Many of us just think of these stress management practices as frivolous time away from work and productivity. In fact, just the opposite of this common belief is true. Those who spend more time resting, relaxing, and visiting with friends and loved ones seem to be far more productive than those who are all about work. [...]

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Batsman finds his mental edge

Young WA batsman finding novel ways of dealing with the stresses and pressures of elite sport. Greg Chappell once proclaimed the art of batting is 90 per cent mental and 10 per cent physical. Others through cricket's storied history have shared the sentiment... Read more

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Updated map of the human brain hailed as a scientific tour de force

Researchers reveal that human brain has at least 180 different regions, confirming the existence of 83 known regions and adding 97 new ones. Scientists at Washington University in St Louis created the map by combining highly-detailed MRI scans from 210 healthy young adults who had agreed to take part in the Human Connectome Project, a massive effort [...]

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Mindfulness is a growing part of secondary school

Mindfulness meditation is a common part of many schools’ wellbeing programs, but its emergence has been so quiet, parents could be forgiven for overlooking its arrival and not knowing what it’s about. Three Australian psychologists, all experts in mindfulness, explain why it is being embraced by principals, teachers and students across the country. Read More

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