Free meditation apps

Often times the hardest step in approaching meditation is knowing where to start. Meditation Australia member, Frances Kelly has created two user friendly apps to introduce both children and adults to meditation by means of 5 and 10 minute guided sessions. Available for both Android and iPhone, these apps are an excellent introduction to the practice.

Take 5 Logo“Take 5 Mindful Minutes” for users aged 3-10 years of age,
Courtesy Lakes Rotary, Mt Gambier:
Download for Android
Download for iPhone


Take 10 Logo“Take 10 Mindful Minutes” for users of all ages,
Courtesy Lakes Rotary Mt. Gambier:
Download for Android
Download for iPhone

A version of both apps, Take 5 and Take 10, for USB/laptop, interactive smartboard FREE courtesy of Fed Creative Mt Gambier:
Download for PC/Mac

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