How to keep calm and carry on with meditation

Practicing meditation is a great way to keep yourself calm not just during the meditation period, but throughout the rest of your day as well. Bupa Life Insurance recently called upon Meditation Australia to offer advice on keeping calm for a recent article. Our answer was simple: meditation.

There are plenty of misconceptions out there about meditation, one of the greatest is that you can stop your thoughts. Stopping the mind is literally impossible. There are always thoughts.  So, before we begin it is best to put that myth aside.

Start by sitting comfortably in whatever manner feels best for you, whether on the floor, in a chair, or even in your bed. It can be difficult to clear your mind if you are uncomfortable, so find a place where you can truly relax. Once settled, focus solely on your breathing. If your mind begins to wander (and it will), simply redirect your focus back to your breath. As you practice, it will get easier to maintain your focus. Aim to start out with 10-15 minutes each day, and work your way up.

You can then take this meditation practice and carry it over into your daily life. The next time you are feeling stressed at work or angry at a friend or family member, take a step back and just focus on your breathing. You’ll be amazed by just how quickly you’ll be able to calm yourself down and get back to focusing on the task at hand.  Read More 

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