Meditation in Australia: Past, Present, Future

A very special evening with A/Prof Craig Hassed, Pauline McKinnon, Ken Mellor, Kay Watts and Janet Etty-Leal

Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square, Thursday 16 June, 2016

Nearly 250 people attended this special event on a wintery evening in Melbourne.  We’re now delighted to present a full record of the event in video and pictures for our members and friends.

“Never before has meditation been so widely practised and researched, and never before has there been such interest in learning and teaching meditation. So where are we going with all this? Is this fascination with meditation just a fashion or a passing fad? Or is meditation now a real solution to coping with the ever-increasing pace of life?

Similarly, mindfulness has become a ubiquitous stress management and wellbeing skill. It seems that the ‘mindfulness wave’, which has swept through many diverse and forward-thinking organisations, including the medical curriculum at Monash University, schools, law firms, hospitals, corporations and palliative care units, has become the dominant meditation paradigm. Yet, when it comes to meditation, mindfulness is not the whole story. Meditation offers a myriad of practices and approaches and this special evening celebrates this diversity.

Our distinguished speakers discuss their journey in meditation, and meditation practices in a range of settings such as teaching meditation in education, in the online space, and importantly – to the children who will be our future.”


Dr Ruth Gawler

Master of Ceremonies and President, Meditation Australia

Ruth is a General Practitioner and meditation teacher with a special interest in mind-body medicine and psychology and qualifications in General Practice Psychiatry.


A/Prof Craig Hassed

Dr Craig Hassed works at the Department of General Practice and is the coordinator of mindfulness programs at Monash University. He was the founding president of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association (now known as Meditation Australia) and has written several mindfulness-related books. More info


Pauline McKinnon

Author and psychotherapist Pauline McKinnon is internationally known as a leader in the field of therapeutic meditation. Trained by Australian meditation pioneer Dr Ainslie Meares and with more than 30 years’ experience in communicating stillness, Pauline’s work offers positive life transformation to anxiety and stress sufferers within Australia and beyond. More info


Ken Mellor

Ken is a prize-winning author and a spiritual mentor: with his wife Elizabeth he founded the Awakening Network in 1984. Having trained with three Indian Masters over 27 years, starting in 1981, they facilitate workshops internationally on spiritual awakening, professional and personal development, and parenting.  More info


Kay Watts

As Education and Research Project Manager at Smiling Mind, Kay recenty managed a research project into mindfulness meditation with Deakin University involving 2000 students and has played a major part in bringing the Smiling Mind app to 10,000 schools around Australia.  More info


Janet Etty-Leal

Author, speaker and mindfulness educator Janet Etty-Leal has taught creative, holistic mindfulness practices for more than 15 years. Her consultancy, Meditation Capsules, has provided mindful life-skill programs for corporate, health, sport and community organisations and more than 80 schools and educational organisations.  More info


Panel discussion


Photo gallery

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