Meditation Australia Strategic Plan 2017 -18

Earlier this year the board of the Meditation Association of Australia (MA) met to formulate a Strategic Plan, aiming to guide the Association in its vision, objectives and activities over the next two years.

To give strength to process, a list of values was added to the organisation’s guiding principles. Representing the quality of process by which MA will fulfill their mission, these values are: sharing, inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, relevance, passion, integrity, responsibility and nurturing growth.

Key activities were prioritised to achieve these objectives. Our main focus will be event programming: master classes for our members and engaging public events, both aiming to educate and inform and raise the profile of meditation as a valued aspect of daily life.

The greater goal of these events is to establish Meditation Australia Pods in each state. These MA Pods will offer ongoing opportunities for members to gather, share and potentially collaborate with like-minded professionals.

To successfully achieve these objectives, the board will be actively strengthening alliances and forging new partnerships with members, teacher-training schools and organisations that share our values and vision.

The MA board understands that clear communication is the key to strengthening relationships and unifying all stakeholders in this shared goal. The association will therefore be undertaking activities to strengthen our communications strategy, including the upgrading of the member area in our web platform, broadening our social media reach with the establishment of online groups, becoming media-responsive to local issues, actively lobbying for the value of meditation in the health sector and creating resources to identify and categorise the varying styles and practices of meditation to aid public understanding.

The accompanying slide share represents the key decisions formulated in the MA Strategic Plan for 2017/18. The board would like to take this opportunity to thank the association’s members, friends and supporters; with a special acknowledgement to previous board members who actively supported the growth of this important organisation.

Looking to the future with a sense of reinvigorated purpose, Meditation Australia will actively create opportunities to strengthen our partnerships and welcome new supporters, knowing that together we are stronger. As a collaborative voice, together we will help grow the awareness of meditation as a valued aspect of everyday life.

Meditation Australia’s Strategic Plan 2017/18 by Meditation Australia

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