Meditation gateway: personalised meditation app

In these modern times, many teachers and students are looking to Apps for both instruction and on-going inspiration and support. However, to create a good App takes a great deal of time and effort and can be very expensive.

The Meditation Gateway provides an elegant solution.

Developed by one of MAA’s founding members, Ian Gawler, this App provides a platform onto which your own material, including branding and logo can be uploaded quite simply. It is easy to use, technologically advanced, and free to you.

The App your students will access will make it possible for you to connect with them in a very personalized way. It is designed to enable you to continue to educate, support and interact with them using a wide range of technologically advanced features that are specifically designed to teach and support the full range of meditation-based practices.

To find out more, or to sign up as a teacher and upload your program into the app visit our website or contact Saurabh at .

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