Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Mindfulness Course

The multitasking demands of modern life – juggling careers, private lives, raising children, cramming more work hours into every day, week in-week out – creates an unwelcome stress which, if left unattended to, is destructive to health. Sometimes we need reminding that the mind has a tremendous ability to heal the body. As meditation is [...]

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Stillness Meditation Therapy Programs

Our SMT Programs are ongoing, with a choice of 6 daytime or evening personalized group sessions offered each week. All sessions are held at the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre, 146-148 Harp Road Kew, Victoria. Immediate commencement is available, following an initial private consultation. Our overall success rate stands at 97%.  Our regular in-house assessments confirm [...]

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Stillness Meditation Therapy: Meares’ theory in 21C

In contrast to the general description of meditation set out here, the Ainslie Meares theory of meditation does not advocate focus or attentive techniques but emphasizes the importance of mental rest. In 1983 Melbourne author and psychotherapist Pauline McKinnon was invited by Meares to promote this unique therapeutic meditation as a secular health practice for [...]

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