Mindfulness for wellbeing and peak performance

Mindfulness deals with intentionally paying attention to each moment. Being fully engaged in what is occurring at that moment in time is the essence of being mindful. There are benefits that come from practicing mindfulness including reduced stress, improvement in mental health and it helps enhance personal and professional life. This six-week course explores the science, [...]

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Mindfulness and Grounding: A Natural Pairing

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I had the great good fortune to learn to meditate with several remarkable teachers. By then, I had already spent over a decade integrating aspects of more than 30 different personal change systems into my psychotherapy practice. During all that time, however, grounding was only ever vaguely mentioned [...]

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Can mindfulness improve pupils’ concentration?

Mindfulness is a psychological technique which is said to help combat stress. But should it be widely introduced in schools? The practice of mindfulness - which draws on Buddhist thinking - has become increasingly popular in recent years. There have been calls for brain-training techniques, using breathing to achieve mental clarity, to be introduced in [...]

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Free meditation apps

Often times the hardest step in approaching meditation is knowing where to start. Meditation Australia member, Frances Kelly has created two user friendly apps to introduce both children and adults to meditation by means of 5 and 10 minute guided sessions. Available for both Android and iPhone, these apps are an excellent introduction to the practice. “Take [...]

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Companies invest in mindfulness training to boost productivity and lower stress

Speed and connectivity create change. Thanks to the technological advances of the past 20 years, sending a letter to someone on the other side of the world is as easy and instantaneous as the click of a button. Yet despite their convenience, emails and other forms of online communication may be costing us productivity and [...]

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