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Free Online Mindfulness Course

This course  is a Monash University / FutureLearn UK collaboration and is for anyone, because everyone can benefit from mindfulness. No previous experience of mindfulness is required. We will explain how mindfulness works, but above all this is a practical course. We will ask you to explore different mindfulness techniques and reflect on your experience. [...]

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Online Course Beta Testers Required

Holland based meditation teacher Kimberly Poppe is seeking participants for Beta testing a new online course format. The pilot course begins on 1 September 2016. Interested participants may apply and will be notified if accepted into the Pilot programme. By applying participants are agreeing to be notified about the course. There is no fee to participate in [...]

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Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Mindfulness Course

The multitasking demands of modern life – juggling careers, private lives, raising children, cramming more work hours into every day, week in-week out – creates an unwelcome stress which, if left unattended to, is destructive to health. Sometimes we need reminding that the mind has a tremendous ability to heal the body. As meditation is [...]

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