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Need to Relax: Learn to Unwind De-stress and Meditate

Learn and practice a wide range of strategies to manage stress more effectively.
 Learn how to notice when you are heading for stress city, and turn yourself towards calm. Explore ways to face problems with a focus on solutions.
Improve your concentration and focus.
 Increase the sense of calm and control in your life.

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Mind, Heart and Healing Seminar

An inspiring and practical seminar in Cairns focused on peace of mind and accelerated healing. We all heart stories of people who recover from illness and injury quickly and completely. Some recover against all the odds. How do they do it? Are they just lucky? Not so says Ian Gawler! Ian has helped thousands to [...]

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We just got a huge step closer to understanding how meditation changes the brain and reduces stress

For decades, researchers have suggested that this simple practice — known as mindfulness meditation — can have health benefits that range from banal to life-changing. Some occasional meditators report being a little less stressed every once in a while, for example, while other more regular practitioners say it helps them succeed in challenging situations. Original [...]

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