Williamstown Yoga & Meditation – Thursday Evenings

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The purpose of the ‘Learn a Meditation Practice’  course is to introduce students to authentic traditional skills that lead towards meditation.

You will be shown:

  • Positions within which to practice meditation
  • Breathing practices
  • Developing mental focus
  • Meditation practice

You will have the opportunity to practice all elements of the technique.
A technique outline provided at end of course to facilitate daily practice at home.

  • Learning a meditation practice is work…not relaxation.
  • It can be hard. It can be difficult. It can be  frustrating, scary, boring, and annoying.
  • It is a “practice” because it takes repetition to build this skill.
  • It is “practice” because over time it leads us to a place of  ‘mastery’.

If you are interested in the idea of learning a meditation practice but have little or no experience of actually doing it, then this introductory course may suit you.