Meditation Australia membership is for meditation teachers who want to be recognised, registered and supported by a community of peers, dedicated to the growth of meditation in Australia.

MA welcomes applications from prospective members with evidence of substantial experience in meditation teaching or who have completed a registered teacher training courses or equivalent. For more information please view our membership guidelines.

Non-teachers interested in supporting the Association are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter and/or support us through sponsorship of, or registration to, the Australian Meditation Conference in July 2018.


All MA members enjoy the full privileges of the Association – they may vote, be elected to the Board, and be included on the MA website’s Find a Teacher page.

Importantly, MA members support the work of the Association in furthering the cause of meditation as a professional discipline, promoting meditation to the public and developing meditation teaching standards in Australia.

  • Advocacy, representation and support from a national professional association
  • Be part of an inspiring vision to make meditation and integral part of life
  • Recognition for having completed training that meets the industry standard and upholding strong professional and ethical values
  • Discounted registration to the Australian Meditation Conference 2018
  • Optional discounted insurance tailored to meditation teaching
  • Professional Development and networking opportunities via local ‘Pod’ events
  • Listing on the Find a Teacher page on the MA website
  • Access to list events in the Calendar of Events on the MA website
  • A regular monthly email newsletter with the latest news, events and training opportunity
  • Use of the MA registered teacher logo applicable to your level of membership.
  • Public events to inspire your students
  • Opportunity to register a meditation teacher training course


Annual membership fee of $90

PLUS one-off joining fee of $90.

All funds received are used to build and grow initiatives to support our members.


Members are able to access tailored insurance policies at discounted rates through our insurance partner, Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG). Cost-effective premiums start from $155 per annum, dependent upon liability limits and turnover. Call 1800 222 012 or email Learn more


Registered teacher logos, for each level of membership, are available to members to use in their promotion. This is an important way for members of the public to see that meditation teachers are registered with MA and have therefore have met the standard required for membership.

Provisional Membership

Provisional membership is available to those who have had a personal practice of meditation for a minimum of two years and have completed 80 hours of meditation teacher training in the areas of competency described in the curriculum guidelines. It is to be understood that Provisional membership is a pathway to Full membership, which can be achieved on completion of a further 30 hours training within the first three years of membership. Commonly, this additional training can be completed via actual teaching, under supervision or mentorship. MA provides a straightforward mentoring structure and agreement for this purpose.

Full membership

Full membership is available to those who have had a personal practice of meditation for a minimum of two years and have completed 110 hours of meditation teacher training in the areas of competency described in the table on the criteria page.

Senior Membership

Senior membership is available to those who have had a minimum of five years’ regular teaching experience OR more than 200 hours of formal training and three years’ regular teaching experience.


Experienced teachers are invited to apply for membership with Meditation Australia.

If choosing this applicant type in the online application form, experienced teachers are asked to upload two formal letters of reference from recognised meditation teachers, organisations, employers or health related professionals. These letters must describe your teaching experience, endorse your teaching practice, and recommend that you be accepted for membership.

Experienced teacher describes those that have been teaching meditation regularly for at least two years and prior to commencing work as a meditation teacher, received either formal or informal meditation teacher training. This type of application is assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Meditation teaching takes place in a variety of contexts, such as spiritual tradition; for personal development and/or in the therapeutic (health care) setting. For this reason, and to ensure that meditation teachers teach within the scope and intention of their training and experience, there are three broad categories of membership, being Personal Development, Spiritual and Therapeutic. These categories also assist members of the public to identify the approrpriate teacher for their needs.

Personal Development

These meditation teachers are proficient at fostering a range of skills, qualities and outcomes that may include self-understanding, interpersonal abilities, coping capacities, general life skills, improved performance, a developed sense of self, behavioural change, emotional balance, clear thinking, self-care capacities, awareness of and sensitivity towards others and general wellbeing.


Therapeutic meditation teachers augment a degree level qualification in a health related field with meditation teaching training from either the Personal Development or the Spiritual categories. The primary intention of Therapeutic meditation is to treat illness, to manage symptoms and/or to promote physical, emotional and psychological health and wellbeing.


Organisations that offer meditation teacher training in this category are primarily oriented to the development of spiritual/religious insights and capacities in those they train. This teaching may take place in the context of a particular religious or spiritual tradition and may or may not rely upon a formal curriculum. Study may involve dedication to a spiritual/religous way of life.