Meditation Teacher Training Organisations

When seeking a meditation teacher training course look for the MA Registered Training Course logo. This will help you to identify if the course on offer meets the MA curriculum standard and therefore qualifies you for membership with Meditation Australia.

The following list provides details of organisations offering registered meditation teacher training.  Many of our members have completed training provided by these organisations.  However it is important to note that your training as a meditation teacher may come from a number of sources and the onus remains with you to ensure that the meditation teacher training you receive meets requirements for membership.

If you are a meditation teacher and have previously completed training in a manner other than with one of the schools represented on this list, you may still be eligible for membership via Special Entry. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

For more information about membership criteria and curriculum guidelines, specific to registered teacher training courses, please visit our membership criteria page. 

Personal practice prerequisite

Please be aware that graduates who wish to apply to Meditation Australia to become a Registered Meditation Teacher must be be able to verify that they have held a personal meditation practice for a minimum of 2 years. 

Membership Categories

Membership with Meditation Australia is divided into 3 categories being Personal Development, Therapeutic and Spiritual. The teacher training courses below have been listed under the category that best represents the training path.

Personal development meditation teacher training

Graduates who have completed teacher training in meditation for personal development are proficient at fostering a range of skills, qualities and outcomes that may include self-understanding, interpersonal abilities, coping capacities, general life skills, improved performance, a developed sense of self, behavioural change, emotional balance, clear thinking, self-care capacities, awareness of and sensitivity towards others, or general wellbeing. While therapeutic or spiritual outcomes or experiences may be relevant, they are not the primary objective in this form of teaching.

Mindfulness Training Institute (MTIA)
0435 049 383

Professional training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

The Mindfulness Training Institute is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing excellent and sustainable professional training in evidence based mindfulness approaches (MBSR and MBCT) in Australia and New Zealand   The training offers a heart-opening, engaging and rigorous grounding in the relational, cognitive, emotional and body-based personal and professional development work necessary for good teaching.

MTI offers an internationally recognised training pathway which can be undertaken with some flexibility by students within their own time frame. It includes: 
  • Pre-requisites (attending the 8 week MBSR or MBCT course and a silent, teacher-led mindfulness meditation retreat)
  • A Study Module (integrating theory and practice)
  • An eight day Intensive residential (providing an in-depth exploration of the curriculum through a range of didactic, experiential and small group work. It will provide opportunities for practice teaching/leading and inquiry with mentoring from the instructors – usual teacher/student ratio 1:10
  • Supervision of your MBSR/CT teaching work
  • Certification

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Integrative Restoration Institute  – iRest®
07 5527 9269

iRest® or Integrative Restoration is a complete path of meditation, which includes the practice of yoga nidra that has been contextualised to our modern, secular setting by its developer Dr. Richard Miller.

This training provides the principles and practices to safely and effectively incorporate iRest into your professional teaching or clinical work as well as your personal life and includes in-depth, interactive dialogue, experiential sessions, practicum and supervision and is supported by extensive training manuals.

Become a leader helping others:

  • Deal with post-traumatic stress
  • Overcome sleep disturbance
  • Reduce chronic pain and depression
  • Rediscover their essential wholeness and resiliency
  • And more

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Australian Centre for Holistic Studies 
03 9807 4889

ACHS offers a Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma in Guiding and Teaching Meditation. You can study meditation teaching online and at our weekend retreats. Our training is in depth and practical and covers a variety of meditation techniques. We provide one on one coaching as well as opportunities to interact with fellow students in a vibrant and friendly meditation community.

In addition to the thorough curriculum you can expand into areas such as teaching meditation to children, chakra meditation, mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, creating original programs, journalling practices and more through our electives.

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Melbourne Meditation Centre
0410 562 843

The Melbourne Meditation Centre’s Meditation Teacher Training Course provides you with the confidence, understanding and skills required to teach meditation and mindfulness in a very gentle, accessible style.

The course focuses on developing your competence as a teacher but also provides valuable insights into your own personal practice. Everything is practical and experiential, and you’ll have the opportunity to engage in real-life case studies, group discussion and live practice sessions.

Our aim is to support and encourage you to develop your own teaching style rather than to present you with a template for ‘our way’ of teaching.

The course can be completed over 12 weekly sessions, 4 weekend sessions or, from 2020, as a week-long retreat.

Yarra Valley Living Centre
1300 651 211

Meditation Teacher Training immersions in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria. Deepen your own meditation practice and become fully equipped to help others learn to meditate.

Module 1: Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM)
Facilitated by Paul and Maia Bedson
4 night immersion, Monday – Friday
Running three times yearly

Module 2: Guided Imagery and Contemplation
Facilitated by Drs Ian and Ruth Gawler
4 night immersion, Monday – Friday
Running twice yearly

Based on the combined wisdom of Dr Ian Gawler, Paul Bedson and the Yarra Valley Living Centre’s 30+ years of meditation teachings, our Meditation Teacher Training course, currently offered over two separate retreat immersions, is a world-class, experiential learning experience.

Interactive in nature, our course offers the knowledge, insight and support of four highly experienced trainers; as well as an excellent networking opportunity with other like-minded meditation teacher trainees.

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Nature Care College
02 8423 8333

The Nature Care Professional Certificate of Meditation Facilitation qualification sees students graduate with the skills, techniques and personal practice to confidently teach Meditation groups and sessions.

As a Meditation Facilitator you will support participants with a range of meditation techniques, relaxation and visualisation methods, leading others to a deeper sense of relaxation, peace, acceptance and awareness and increasing physical and emotional health and well-being on a holistic level.

Studies include the exploration of various meditation techniques and the development of your own practices, the application of techniques in a clinical and professional setting, group facilitation and the practical aspects of running meditation classes.

With a wide range of flexible study options and alternate payment plans, the Professional Certificate of Meditation Facilitation offers the perfect pathway for those wishing to pursue a rewarding career as a Meditation Facilitator, in a caring and supportive environment.

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Trans Genesis
0410 017 202

Trans Genesis Meditation Facilitation Training is a 110-hour course delivered part time over six months to Perth local students and for participants at a distance online. It is like being on a retreat while engaged with your daily life!

The training has three aspects.

The enrichment and deepening of each trainees’ meditation and personal clarity, which is achieved through personal practice in class and at home, understanding legal & ethical considerations, energy self-care & self-esteem exploration.

Learning facilitation and promotional skills which includes: listening, timing, building rapport, simplicity, effective communication, class formats, marketing & advertising.

Learning meditation techniques and coaching to develop your unique delivery style.

The training meets for weekly 2.5 hour classes, an induction day plus two days of practical sessions and mentored assessments and practicums. Additional hours are required outside class for practicums.

To be eligible applicants require 2 years of prior meditation practice and commitment to personal growth, abstinence from non-prescribed drugs for at least five years’ prior and no or minimal use of alcohol.

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Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre
03 9817 2933

Pauline McKinnon is the Founding Director of the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre in Melbourne. The integrity of the SMT Teacher Training Course is derived from her 33 years personal and professional experience as a Stillness Meditation teacher and psychotherapist. Pauline is a pioneer in anxiety awareness and a leading authority on meditation and on natural anxiety management. This course is developed from the teaching of Australian psychiatrist, Dr Ainslie Meares who originated the use of meditation as a form of therapy. His approach is non-sectarian and unrelated to other forms of meditation. Pauline is the only person acknowledged by Meares as an exponent of his style of meditation.

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YIMI (Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute)
07 3162 1652


Meditation is the most rewarding and life changing practice. For many who study and practice the art of meditation it becomes a daily practice that nurtures them throughout their whole lives. Meditation offers benefits of mind shaped on the values of compassion, mindfulness and contentment. It cultivates unshakable inner peace.

Whether you do this course for yourself or to teach others, it is a highly valuable practice to live by and share with others. Meditation is the innovative lifestyle medicine of the 21st century.

Study Yoga NidraMeditation for the Brain and Neuroscience, and Yoga Psychology & Spiritual Development, and receive a comprehensive course manual and assignments, plus guided meditation audios for home practice.

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Gita World (Melbourne)
03 9416 3274 (leave a message)


There is an avalanche of research clarifying and linking the benefits of Meditation for a whole range of human ills, from obesity to Alzheimer’s, from stroke to depression recovery, and just about everything else in-between.

Most of us want to help to make the world a better place – and here is a very practical way to do so!

You may not want to formally teach meditation – maybe you would rather hone your skills to learn at a higher level – or just work in a more disciplined way on yourself. You may want to take your practise to a deeper level or even explore some of the more Spiritual aspects of Meditation.

Whatever your interest, everyone would benefit enormously from this very structured and systematic approach to this ancient skill. As in our main Teacher Training Course, there is group learning and sharing, support and interaction, discussion and practice, all in a lively atmosphere of growth and exploration – and of course, T.T. lunches!


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Lifeflow Meditation Centre
08 8379 9001

This Teacher Training program is suitable for health care professionals and yoga and wellness instructors, as well as for those interested in teaching or guiding meditation in their school or community and those with a personal interest in meditation.

This practical, hands-on training program will equip you with the necessary skills, experience, understanding and confidence to successfully teach meditation and mindfulness, and to enhance your personal and professional skills.

Emphasis is placed on giving all participants the experience to develop the skills needed to lead groups and clients in meditation, and knowing how to choose which meditations are appropriate for their clients. Past participants have also found that the skills and knowledge learnt greatly enhanced their own meditation practice.

You will be provided with a comprehensive training manual and the resources to help you share this valuable skill with others. Please note that additional resources, including relevant texts and CDs are available for purchase.

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Therapeutic meditation teacher training

Teachers of therapeutic meditation are those who augment a degree level qualification in a health related field with meditation teaching training from either the Personal Development or the Spiritual categories. The primary intention of Therapeutic meditation is to treat illness, to manage symptoms, or to promote physical, emotional and psychological health and wellbeing. Other outcomes may be spiritual and/or personal development but the primary objective of teaching in this category of membership is therapeutic.

Spiritual meditation teacher training

Organisations that offers spiritual meditation teacher training are primarily oriented to the development of spiritual and/or religious insights and capacities in those they train. This form of teaching may take place in the context of a religious or spiritual tradition and the method of learning may be informal and less conventional in format, involving a dedication to a philosophy as complete lifestyle. Although some or all of the practices taught may be the same as or similar to some therapeutic and personal development meditation teaching, the objectives of teaching in this category of membership are primarily spiritual

Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres
02 9550 0543

E-vam Institute
03 9387 0422


0415 252 802

Turiya Yoga Foundation

Registration of a meditation teacher training course

If you would like to enquire about registering a meditation teacher training course please email