Meditation Australia presents the

2022 Australian Meditation Conference

Melbourne | 27 — 28 August, 2022

Embodied Meditation

How can we experience ourselves more fully through meditation?

Carl Jung referred to the body and mind as “two sides of the same coin, inextricably related”. Our mind and body are in an infinite cycle of influence, each to the other. Where does meditation fit in to this constant co-creation?

We invite you to join with meditation teachers, students, practitioners, and those with an interest in meditation, to explore this question.

Across two exciting days, our expansive program features keynote addresses, panel conversations, and more from thought leaders, instructors and practitioners across multiple traditions and perspectives.



On-line Tickets on sale now.

Members  $300

Non-members  $345

Viewing of whole weekend and access to recordings later.

Single day on-line tickets

Members  $180

Non-members  $200

Viewing of selected day only and access to recording of that day later.

COVID Information

We are bound by the COVID requirements of the venue, William Angliss Institute who are bound by current Victorian government guidelines. All mandates around vaccine and masks have been lifted. Should this situation alter we will notify you.

Should there be an alteration to Government guidelines due to an unexpected COVID issue, the event will become online only. If you have purchased an in-person ticket you will be refunded the difference less bank fees. If things progress as intended but should you personally decide to change from in person to online there will be no refund of the difference.