Meet one of our newest members – Emma Wertheim. Not new to teaching meditation, she has been teaching meditation since 2006, along with sacred dance, yoga and yoga mudras.

My teaching experience includes meditation, breath work, sacred dance and yoga with a special interest in yoga mudras (ancient hand gestures – that activate prana in the body): Since 1995 I’ve practised the art of breath-based meditation both in my personal practice and as member of a northern Sydney spiritual community formed in the 1970’s, inspired by the ‘Fourth Way’ movement. My meditation teacher of 22 years had direct links to the Fourth Way movement and other spiritual traditions. 

This work has taken me on a rich inner journey – to an ever expanding space of stillness within and given me practical skills to navigate life’s changing tides; the aim being to take this energy of calm off the meditation cushion and into all aspects of life. 

In 2016 during my Yoga Teacher Training, I found myself so unwell that I was unable to walk. I was left wondering how on earth I was going to finish the course. I managed to complete my training – but I now see there was a silver lining to this unsettling period.  Not being able to practice Asana, I looked into what I could do that was easy, simple and accessible – and of course, healing. It was then that the world of yoga mudras opened up to me. Since then I’ve been exploring yoga mudras, using them in my daily meditation practice and day-to-day life and gaining many benefits from them, both physical and spiritual. 

Mudras, paired with meditation and breath work are incredible, simple ancient tools, to be celebrated, remembered and practised. They remind us to live more for each moment, enjoy our lives and the many colours of experience it offers. 

I wish to share with you all that I’ve learned on this journey of meditation, breath awareness, stillness, mudras and yoga. My hope is that you will also experience what these sacred practices have to offer. 

What’s the story behind your first meditation experience?
My first meditation experience was through my Mum when I was probably around 12 or so years old. She had a bunch of meditation cassettes (showing my age here!) which I use to borrow and use. I loved these tapes, and how I felt when I played them. They released my worries and brought me to a place of complete calm. It showed me there was another way to experience life. My interest in meditation has evolved from that first spark. 

What or who inspires you?
I hope you don’t mind if I share a number of inspirations here:
My meditation teacher will forever be a source of inspiration – even though he is no longer on this earthly plane.
Books – so many! A few that spring to mind:
‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl
‘Dying to be Me’ by Anita Moorjani
‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho 

Favourite quote:
“Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”
– Lao-Tze 

Cushion time: How long did you meditate for today?
I’ve been meditating every day since 1995. I aim for at least 15-20 minutes in the morning (as soon as I wake up) and the same in the evening, just before bed. I truly believe that this regular, consistent practice has helped me in all aspects of my life. Of course sometimes life throws a few curveballs which can disrupt my regular meditation practice. Although I will still make an effort to sit everyday regardless – but time spent meditating can vary 🙂 

Tools: Meditation Apps, yes or no?
Yes! For sure, there are so many good Apps to choose from, and loads of good content on YouTube and other platforms. The choice can be overwhelming! I have a lot of meditation CD’s that I’ve collected over the years (yes old school!) that I come back to time and time again (I’ve got the audios on my phone now 😀).

You’re the voice: Do you sing in the shower?
No… however, I find that my intuition is often rather loud in the shower for some reason! I’ll remember things I need to remember and get a tonne of creative ideas! 

The getting of wisdom: What’s the best, or most important thing, you’ve learned as a meditation teacher?
As a teacher in this area, I’ve learnt that I am always a student. Sitting at the front of a meditation class is a gift I never take for granted. The energies contributed by every unique individual creates a once-only special moment, an opportunity for insight and transformation – in myself as much as anyone else in attendance. 

What makes your heart sing and what you have come to value most?
When you feel like you’re moving and acting in alignment with the higher meaning and purpose of your life. For me, this means expressing my innate creativity and helping people experience a different energy and way of being and in turn moving ever closer to realising my full potential and destiny. 

The best thing today: What’s the most inspiring or loveliest thing you’ve seen or experienced today? 

It’s always the simple things that hold the most joy. Today it was lunch with my husband in the soft winter sun, under a huge tree. And it’s not over yet … I’m sure my afternoon walk today will also be special. The gluten free, peanut butter choc chip cookie was also a highlight! 🙂 🙂 🙂 

From October 2023, Emma will be offering live online mudra meditation circle gatherings, and have a mudra meditation course (with a live component) on the way. Also in the works a mudra themed Oracle deck named ‘Mystic Mudra’, through Blue Angel Publishing (end of 2023). 

Love Breath Space