The national peak body representing meditation and meditation teachers.

Formed in 2008, MA is a nationally registered not-for-profit association managed by a voluntary Board of meditation teachers from diverse backgrounds and an Executive.

MA promotes meditation as an integral part of life.

Australian Meditation Conference
Friday 20 — Sunday 22 July 2018

Become a Meditation Teacher

If you enjoy working with others and deeply value the positive impact meditation has made on your own life, then perhaps the next step in deepening your practice is to train as a meditation teacher?


Meditation is an umbrella term for a range of practices designed to cultivate a calm, concentrated and absorbed state of mind. ‘Meditation’ can describe both a practice and a state and derives from the Latin word meditari which means ‘to reflect upon.’

The broad variety of meditation practices derives from their different aims, which can be therapeutic, developmental or spiritual and the different objects on which one can meditate. These include: breath awareness, visualisation (creative imagination and visual objects), mantra (including music and natural sounds), physical sensations and inner feelings, movement (including yoga, tai chi and dance), contemplation (including prayer, affirmation, quiescent introspection and reflection), stillness, mindfulness (sati), insight meditation (vipassana), and choiceless awareness (open monitoring).

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ABC TV’s  Catalyst on meditation

Science journalist, Dr Graham Phillips embarks on an eight week meditation course and undergoes a raft of rigorous brain tests and scans, to find out if the ancient art lives up to the hype. (Broadcast June 7, 2016)


To develop, promote and support the teaching and practice of meditation by pursuing the following aims and objectives:


  • To define criteria for those wishing to be recognised and registered as meditation teachers or meditation teacher training organisations, including but not limited to, knowledge, skills, competencies, prerequisites, categories and scope of teaching, and
  • To uphold professionalism and ethical standards, and to foster continuing professional development, networking and community among meditation teachers, and
  •  To act as the peak body for meditation teachers; to advocate for and represent their interests.


  • To encourage uptake of, and foster development in, meditation by members of the general public, and
  • To encourage organisations, including but not limited to, businesses, companies, educational institutions and government, to incorporate meditation into organisational culture and policy, and
  • To act as a public voice for the practice of meditation, including but not limited to the benefits of meditation and advocating for meditation as an integral part of life.

Our Values

Sharing, inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, relevance, passion, integrity, responsibility and nurturing growth

Our Mission

To develop, promote and support the teaching and practice of meditation

Our Vision

Meditation as an integral part of life




Friday 20 to Sunday 22 July 2018

Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy

A platform for an interdisciplinary collaboration of like-minded people and organisations to share knowledge and advance understanding of meditation, mindfulness, contemplative and reflective practices that enhance our lives.

Presented by the Meditation Association of Australia (MA) this event is the first of its kind in Australia. This forum will offer an opportunity for shared learning and networking for meditation teachers, psychologists, neuroscientists, educators, health professionals, business leaders, academics and researchers, all of whom specialise in, practise or are fascinated by meditation.



2018 dates to be confirmed

Centred Meditation, Sydney CBD


2.00pm Sunday 4 March 2018

Happy Melon Studio, Armadale.

Registration to open in 2018

The Meditation Pod events aim to create a welcoming environment for teachers to meditate together, debrief about their teaching experiences, promote understanding across various forms of meditation, provide opportunities for linkages and knowledge sharing and most importantly to celebrate the joy of working in this unique industry.


Meditation Australia (MA) has no specific affiliation to any particular meditation philosophy or style. Our members are representative of the vast diversity of approaches to meditation, mindfulness, contemplation and reflective practices that enhance our lives.

MA sets peer-reviewed standards for meditation teachers, maintains a register of suitably qualified meditation teachers and promotes continuing professional development and ethical conduct. These standards have been developed in consultation with individuals and organisations that represent the myriad of meditation philosophies and applications, both secular and spiritual.

MA welcomes applications from prospective members with evidence of substantial experience in meditation teaching or who have completed a registered teacher training courses or equivalent. For more information please view our membership guidelines.

Non-teachers interested in supporting the Association are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter and/or support us through sponsorship of, or registration to, the Australian Meditation Conference in July 2018.