Continuing Professional Development

What is CPD? Any program or activity that develops your knowledge, experience, skill, understanding or professionalism of meditation or meditation teaching.

Members are required to accrue 10 points per year to maintain membership eligibility. Your CPD submission is due every year in December. This applies to full members only, provisional members do not need to submit. 

What sort of activities are relevant?

Those that are fundamental and directly related to the study of meditation teaching methology, or related to meditation teaching by tradition, relevance or application.

Participating in workshops, online programs, seminars, retreats and conferences. Also applicable is time spent being mentored in your meditation teaching. Any of the Meditation Australia events will count towards your annual CPD requirement.
I hour = 1 point

Attending another meditation teacher’s regular meditation or meditation class as a participant (partly personal practice and partly professional development)
2 hour = 1 point

It is a good idea to just note these events in your diary throughout the year so you have a record. You do not need to send in your documentation but should keep it in case it is ever required for viewing.

You can enter your CPD via this form: CPD