The national peak body in Australia representing meditation and meditation teachers.

Our aim is to support professional education and leadership that fosters connection and community through the practice of meditation.

Meditation as an integral part of life.

We are not affiliated with any particular meditation philosophy or style. Our members are representative of the vast diversity of approaches to meditation, mindfulness, contemplation and reflective practices.


Meditation Australia

  • sets peer-reviewed standards
  • maintains a register of qualified meditation teachers, and
  • promotes continuing professional development and ethical conduct.


Meditation is an umbrella term for a range of practices designed to cultivate a calm, concentrated, and absorbed state of mind. “Meditation’ can describe both a practice and a state, and derives from the Latin word meditari which means ‘to reflect upon’.

The broad variety of meditation practices derives from their different aims, which can be therapeutic, developmental or spiritual and the different objects on which one can meditate. These include: breath awareness, visualisation (creative imagination and visual objects), mantra (including music and natural sounds), physical sensations and inner feelings, movement (including yoga, tai chi and dance), contemplation (including prayer, affirmation, quiescent introspection and reflection), stillness, mindfulness (sati), insight meditation (vipassana), and choiceless awareness (open monitoring).