Meditation Teacher Training Organisations

When seeking a meditation teacher training course look for the MA Registered Training Course logo. This will help you to identify if the course on offer meets the MA curriculum standard and therefore qualifies you for membership with Meditation Australia.

The following list provides details of organisations offering registered meditation teacher training.  Many of our members have completed training provided by these organisations.

However it is important to note that your training as a meditation teacher may come from a number of sources and the onus remains with you to ensure that the meditation teacher training you receive meets requirements for membership.

If you are a meditation teacher and have previously completed training in a manner other than with one of the schools represented on this list, you may still be eligible for membership via Special Entry. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

For more information about membership criteria and curriculum guidelines, specific to registered teacher training courses, please visit our membership criteria page. 

Personal practice prerequisite

Please be aware that graduates who wish to apply to Meditation Australia to become a Registered Meditation Teacher must be be able to verify that they have held a personal meditation practice for a minimum of 2 years. 

Membership Categories

Membership with Meditation Australia is divided into 3 categories: Personal Development, Therapeutic and Spiritual. 

Mindfulness Training Institute (MTIA)
0435 049 383

Mindfulness Training Institute – Australia and New Zealand 
0435 049 383

 MTI offers a flexible and rigorous process of training in how to teach mindfulness meditation.  Equip yourself to offer high-integrity, evidence-based mindfulness programs.

The Mindfulness Training Institute is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing excellent training in evidence-based mindfulness approaches (MBSR and MBCT) in the Asia-Pacific.  The training offers an engaging and rigorous grounding in the relational, cognitive, emotional and body-based personal and professional development work necessary for good teaching.

We offer an internationally recognised training which includes: 

  • An enriching, alive, responsive group process
  • Skilled teaching from experienced faculty members
  • Nuanced feedback to you, every step of the way
  • Fine attention to all the core competencies: curriculum, leading practice, inquiry, understanding of philosophical and theoretical underpinnings
  • In-depth engagement with your personal  journey – integrating head, heart and body
  • Live online and face-to-face training

iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation – Integrative Restoration Institute

phone: 0402 019 843

iRest® or Integrative Restoration is a complete path of meditation, which includes the practice of yoga nidra that has been contextualised to our modern, secular setting by its developer Dr. Richard Miller.

This training provides the principles and practices to safely and effectively incorporate iRest into your professional teaching or clinical work as well as your personal life and includes in-depth, interactive dialogue, experiential sessions, practicum and supervision and is supported by extensive training manuals.

Become a leader helping others:

  • Deal with post-traumatic stress
  • Overcome sleep disturbance
  • Reduce chronic pain and depression
  • Rediscover their essential wholeness and resiliency
  • And more

Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness
03 9807 4889

ACMM is a leading trainer, established since 2006, offering Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma training in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness. You can study meditation teaching online and at our weekend retreats. Our training is in depth and practical and covers a variety of meditation techniques. We provide one on one coaching as well as opportunities to interact with fellow students in a vibrant and friendly meditation community.

In addition to the thorough core curriculum we offer a range of elective options to customise your study experience into areas such as teaching meditation to children, chakra meditation, Buddhist psychology, journalling practices, pain and grief, anxiety and trauma, women’s circles, heart centred practices, corporate mindfulness, inquiry based practices and much more.

Melbourne Meditation Centre
0410 562 843

The Melbourne Meditation Centre’s Meditation Teacher Training Course provides you with the confidence, understanding and skills required to teach meditation and mindfulness in a very gentle, accessible style.

The course focuses on developing your competence as a teacher but also provides valuable insights into your own personal practice. Everything is practical and experiential, and you’ll have the opportunity to engage in real-life case studies, group discussion and live practice sessions.

Our aim is to support and encourage you to develop your own teaching style rather than to present you with a template for ‘our way’ of teaching.

The course can be completed over 12 weekly sessions, 4 weekend sessions or as a week-long retreat.

Nature Care College
02 8423 8333

The Nature Care Professional Certificate of Meditation Facilitation qualification sees students graduate with the skills, techniques and personal practice to confidently teach Meditation groups and sessions.

As a Meditation Facilitator you will support participants with a range of meditation techniques, relaxation and visualisation methods, leading others to a deeper sense of relaxation, peace, acceptance and awareness and increasing physical and emotional health and well-being on a holistic level.

Studies include the exploration of various meditation techniques and the development of your own practices, the application of techniques in a clinical and professional setting, group facilitation and the practical aspects of running meditation classes.

With online learning and flexible payment plans available, the Professional Certificate in Meditation Facilitation offers the perfect pathway for those wishing to pursue a rewarding career as a Meditation Facilitator, in a caring and supportive environment.

Gita World (Melbourne)
03 9416 3274 (leave a message)


There is an avalanche of research clarifying and linking the benefits of Meditation for a whole range of human ills, from obesity to Alzheimer’s, from stroke to depression recovery, and just about everything else in-between.

Most of us want to help to make the world a better place – and here is a very practical way to do so!

You may not want to formally teach meditation – maybe you would rather hone your skills to learn at a higher level – or just work in a more disciplined way on yourself. You may want to take your practise to a deeper level or even explore some of the more Spiritual aspects of Meditation.

Whatever your interest, everyone would benefit enormously from this very structured and systematic approach to this ancient skill. As in our main Teacher Training Course, there is group learning and sharing, support and interaction, discussion and practice, all in a lively atmosphere of growth and exploration – and of course, T.T. lunches!

Lifeflow Meditation Centre
08 8379 9001

We offer Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Levels 1 and 2. Our practical, hands-on courses are based on 40+ years of experience in teaching and include:

 Holistic curriculum: Our carefully crafted curriculum covers the art and science of meditation and mindfulness practices.

Comprehensive training manual and meditation prompt cards included.

 Experienced instructors: Learn from seasoned meditation and mindfulness teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

 Versatile techniques: Explore a diverse range of meditation and mindfulness techniques, allowing you to cater to a broad audience.

 Mindful teaching skills: Develop skills and confidence to create a supportive and inclusive environment, for both individual clients and groups.

 Personal growth: Deepen your understanding of meditation and mindfulness theory and enhance your own practice.

 Certification and recognition: Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and be well on your way to qualifying for Provisional Membership with Meditation Australia!

Find out more about the course content here.

Zama Institute
07 3162 1652

Our teachers have years of experience, practice and training under their belt and are well equipped to offer you the guidance needed to share and undertake the ancient practice of meditation. Our Meditation teacher training and short courses cover a range of meditation techniques and styles to ensure there is something to resonate with every individual. Whether you do this course for yourself or to teach others, it is a highly valuable practice to live by and share with others. Meditation is the innovative lifestyle medicine of the 21st century.

At the 1 Giant Mind Teacher Training Academy we train passionate meditators to become confident and effective meditation teachers in as a little as 12 weeks. Our program is rooted in traditional practice and formatted for a modern audience.

Our interactive 16-unit online certification training program runs for 12-weeks. You will be joining an international cohort of teachers in training and participate in regular live webinar classes to support your online learning. The curriculum includes practical learning and collaboration with the students in your cohort.

At the end of the training you will be certified to teach the internationally recognised 1 Giant Mind – Being Meditation Technique taught in a 3-day course format. After your certification, your training continues throughout the year with access to regular online classes and teacher community events.

We are not just a training academy, we are a community of passionate like-minded people brought together by our deep sense of purpose to share the transformational power of meditation.

Moksha Yoga
03 9557 5885

The Moksha Academy delivers an acclaimed standard of Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training, incorporating comprehensive content that gives you a thorough, practical and integrative understanding into every area of meditation and mindfulness – empowering you to guide and support your students in a way that deeply impacts every level of their being.

Our training is renowned for its comprehensive depth, invaluable practical component and journey of personal transformation that thoroughly prepares our graduates to confidently stand out as exceptional Meditation Teachers – fully equipped to deliver a wide range of meditation techniques and methods in a variety of formats. You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of the physiological, neurological and holistic impacts of meditation, and explore the ancient yogic teachings and practices that underpin this sacred art and science.

Whether you’re a dedicated meditation practitioner with a passion to enrich the lives of others with these deep-reaching teachings, or wish to explore deeper into the experience of your own practice, join us for a life-changing journey deep into the heart of Meditation & Mindfulness.

BIYOME – The Biomedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation

State-of-the-Art Science and Innovative Practice in Mind-Body Medicine.

The BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation (BIYOME) offers you the ultimate connection between the Ancient Science of Meditation, Yoga and the Western Biomedical Model: enriching programs that foster teachers of integrative lifestyle medicine, job ready for a future in allied health. All of our courses are tailored to deliver pioneering evidenced-informed practice, side by side with experiences of integrated well-being. We explore the ancient philosophies combined with innovative biopsychosocial principals in our ever-expanding field of meditation, mind-body medicine and allied health.

BIYOME COURSES are delivered both globally online, face to face in person and live-streamed internationally from our stunning Brisbane retreat centre:

110MTT Meditation as Lifestyle Medicine
330MTT Advanced Diploma in Meditation as Lifestyle Medicine
660MTT Masters in Biomedical Meditation Therapy & Allied Health
3CPD’s Short meditation courses and retreats (face to face, live-streamed and online)
Corporate Training Packages and Courses”

Dru Australia

The Dru Meditation course is one of Dru Australia’s premium teacher training courses. Whether you want to teach meditation or learn to meditate effortlessly for yourself, the course will help you master your mind and emotions so that you can enter meditation quickly and effortlessly.

In seven, four-day modules in just over two years, we emphasise the science of meditation, showing how to mindfully bring your awareness from the physical body through to the deepest layers of your being. You’ll explore how to perceive the energetic state of a group, and choose appropriate techniques to optimise their energy, relaxation and meditation.

Sydney Institute of Meditation
Mindfulness, Meditation and the Science behind it

The Meditation Teacher Training program offers a well-rounded, science-based insight into all aspects of meditation and mindfulness.
As well as covering all the main types of meditation, with time spent practicing each one, the course also covers meditation for children, meditation for pain, and having meditation as a business.  Confidence in creating and guiding your own meditations is slowly built up and developed in a nurturing environment.
If you like science, you will enjoy this course.  The science is easy to understand, and in addition to the science behind meditation and mindfulness, it also covers emotions and happiness. 
Although secular, the course is still suitable for all religious backgrounds.
The structure of the course is a weekly, 2-hour lesson on zoom, for 12 weeks.  Many past students have described the course as ‘transformational’.
Check out the Google reviews for Sydney Institute of Meditation, and start your journey today.

Wellbeing For Kids


The ‘Certificate in Mindfulness and Wellbeing For Children’ – the first of its kind in Australia, is offered by Wellbeing For Kids. The certificate program incorporates the ‘Peaceful Kids’ and ‘Peaceful Parents’ training which are held across many states in Australia. The certificate program has 4 modules that can be completed at your own pace and can be completed either face to face or completely online.
The training provides hands on and engaging training in Mindfulness strategies, exercises and meditations for children that can be used with children individually or in whole groups such as classrooms or in wellbeing centers. This certificate training also gives participants a manualized program to deliver the ‘Peaceful Kids’ intervention educational program for children who are suffering anxiety and stress symptoms as well as building resilience. At the end of the course you will be trained as both a Peaceful Kids and a Peaceful Parents facilitator.
Graduates of the program will be able to deliver mindfulness classes and programs to children of any age using the huge range of resources that are included in the training. The training is both a personal and professional mindfulness and positive psychology training.


Centred Meditation
02 800 61403

Centred Meditation has been empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves since 2015. Our methodology is grounded in a trifecta of Presence, Potential, and Purpose. We believe that if we were all: 1) regularly dwelling in and drawing wisdom from our inner presence, 2) actively evolving and unleashing our personal potential, and 3) constantly re-discovering and aligning with all layers of our life’s purpose, we would be able to establish a truely Centred Society where all beings can thrive.

About our Meditation Teacher Training

Our Meditation Teacher Training serves as an extension of our vision. Our role is to transform meditation practitioners into meditation teachers so that they can actively contribute to establishing a Centred Society. We believe that being a meditation teacher is much more than just a title or an accreditation. In our view, a meditation teacher is:

  • Grounded in their inner presence with a regular practice of self-directed meditation
  • Enthralled by an active journey of inner growth and expanded awareness
  • Knowledgeable about the mechanics of meditation and consciousness
  • Authentically skilled at empathising with (both intellectually and emotionally), and empowering others

We offer two levels of Meditation Teacher Training, each of which is 200 hours over 12 weeks (8 x weekly live-streamed sessions plus 3 x full Saturdays in-person).

The McLean Meditation Institute’s Meditation Teacher Academy
001 805 770 8188
The 200-hour training curriculum is offered in two components which provide the training, support, and coaching needed to prepare a seasoned meditation practitioner to deliver professional meditation and mindfulness instruction. It begins with the Meditation Foundation Course – a self-paced, distance learning program offered via personal mentorship and live teleconferences designed to help one deepen their experience with a variety of contemplative practices, and knowledge of current research findings and the physiological and psychological effects of practice. The student then qualifies to attend a week-long Teacher Training Intensive offered in Europe, America, and (soon,) Australia. Held in Europe, America, and soon in Australia, the teaching practicum prepares a student to teach meditation to a variety of populations in a myriad of settings. There are rolling admissions.

Cool Karma Collected
0402 682 884

“Teaching mindfulness is not about making people feel good. ⁠It is not about helping anybody. ⁠ Instead, it’s the ability to be present and meet people exactly where they are⁠ with your heart wide-open” ⁠To embody the kind of teaching Jon Kabat Zin is talking about takes honing skills in many areas: ⁠

1) The capacity to create psychological safety as soon as possible so that ⁠people feel met exactly where they are ⁠
2) A willingness to stay with silence, to stay with uncomfortable pauses and emotions to allow people to find their own answer
3) A fearlessness to really know ourselves deeply, to meet all of our own stuff, so that we are never mistaken for someone who is anything other that human⁠
4) To be fearlessly authentic and to have a deep friendliness towards life whatever it presents.⁠

This is what our mentorship encompasses. It’s no ordinary course – it’s more like an inner MBA – a 6 month journey that will help you to reconnect with every aspect of yourself and Secondly, find out what it takes to be a truly authentic, skilful teacher of mindfulness and meditation.

Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia

Welcome to Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia

We offer In Person & Live/Online Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher Training Programs (both as Full Certification &/or Personal Development for those who wish to deepen their understanding and self exploration of Yoga & Mindfulness)

We also offer Mindfulness Based Yoga and Various Styles of Meditation in a number of different locations (in person) and live online. We are passionate about about making our Training Programs and Classes accessible to all , especially those in remote areas who may not be able to access things face to face on the Sunshine Coast. We have a broad online community that we integrate with our live classes and training programs , and when able we travel and deliver outreach services to remote and rural areas.

Tammy Williams, Founder of Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia is a qualified RN of over 27 years, who specialises in Mindfulness Based CBT, Mentoring and Teacher Training aswel as supporting individual clients in her private practice with overcoming stress, trauma, burnout, and addiction of various types. She has a unique method of combining evidenced based practices and mindfulness/yoga psychology to help optimise client health and wellbeing.

Nothing is ever just in the body, or just in the mind – the two are linked therefore we teach you how to work with both and integrate both.

What Yoga NRG is about – is giving you the tools to better manage your energy, physically, mentally and develop confidence and clarity for your own personal aspriations (learning what supports them and what are obstacles to them)

We help you to :
* Increase your energy levels
* Improve sleep
* Pain Management
* Help with anxiety , depression and support mental health
* Not to mention FUN – we offer Retreats throughout the year with varied areas of focus,
education and creativity 😉
* We are here to help you practice a life long discipline that will help strengthen every relationship you have (work, home, play)
* Most of all we are here to help you remember to “go easy” on yourself when the shit hits the fan , to develop resources so you can enjoy life in all of its ups and downs.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes, training programs or retreats in person or in our NRG Zoom Room where you get to be you, heal and feel in your own good time.


Meditation Capsules
0408 531 618

Certificate in Creative Mindful Education for Children

Discover how to teach children Mindfulness and meditation in the way they want to learn!

This training establishes a thorough foundation of Mindful skills and knowledge to connect to the hearts and minds of each child.

The aim of the program is to support educators, parents and allied health professionals to bring Mindful Education and Positive Education tenets to life for children … an enquiry- based approach to foster curiosity, compassion, and a holistic, creative approach to learning.

Enjoy this rich learning journey, with personal support: individual and group coaching, along with Training Immersions for in depth learning.

Centre for Intuitive Meditation
0422 011 180


Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training is for all new and existing health care practitioners or anyone who is feeling the call to explore meditation and intuition for their own personal self-development.

It is a 12-week exploration of Meditation, these classes are held both online and face to face in my boutique Balwyn North clinic. Together we will explore many types of meditation all with a balance of breathing techniques, intuition development and heart-centred practices. You will learn the theory and scientific understanding of our heart-space, breathwork, nervous system, trauma informed care, mindfulness, chakras, mantras, mudras and so much more.

Classes are kept small for maximum, safe and brave engagement as you connect with yourself and other likeminded souls / hearts. During the 12-weeks you will also be supported through your journey, on a personal and business level, including exploring your Dharma and business mentoring. You will also have the opportunity to take on a leadership / mentor role within the classes as you bring your learning into its full cycle as you take your seat as the Teacher.



Happy Melon
03 9576 0565

Happy Melon is built on the foundation of teaching practices that bring people together. Our 80-hour, 6-week, best-in-class program combines the science, history, philosophy and teaching methodology of meditation, developed and delivered by industry experts Sacha Stewart, Zoe Kanat, Daniel Cerny, Annemaree Rowley and Simon Davey. The training is available both online and in-person with scholarship and payment plans available to reflect our commitment to the integrity of the practice, as well as our diverse and dynamic community.

Our robust training program provides opportunity to grow and thrive as a teacher through teaching practice, attendance of in-studio/online shadow classes and personalised 1:1 mentoring with our range of industry experts. Expect to walk away with;

  • A deeper understanding of the influences of ancient foundational bodies of knowledge
  • The mechanics of stress, the nervous system and how this relates to meditation
  • The skills, confidence and knowledge to lead guided meditation classes
  • An understanding of the ethics and values that support the role of a teacher
  • The ability to effectively market yourself as a teacher and a deeper commitment to your own meditation practice and connection to our supportive community. We’re looking forward to welcoming you.
13 Moons Healer Training
0430 506 881

The 13 Moons Healer Training is a unique combination of Meditation and Healing Sciences. This first of its kind training shares the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Reiki and Subtle Body Chakra healing.

This is an in person retreat based training in Brisbane and the Gold Coast Hinterland comprising of 13 x 1 day retreats over 12 months. Students who complete this course will be qualified as a Kundalini Meditation Circle Facilitator, Reiki Master and Subtle Body Chakra Energy Healer.

Yogic Meditation Institute

The Yogic Meditation Institure Teacher Training Pathway is a life defining experience for anyone seeking to dive deeper into the wisdom of meditation and the yoga tradition.

Students are empowered with a potent system of meditation techniques and the knowledge of how & when to use them effectively. The course explores the context of meditation within the yoga tradition as well as how meditation can be presented as a fundamental system within the modern era.

This teacher training also has an important breathwork component, learning to use the breath as a gateway to meditation. We also take a deep dive into neuroscience exploring how and why meditation works, how these tools can be used to support your own mental wellbeing and to help others.

Being Yoga and Meditation
0415 926 287

Are you looking for a meditation course that reminds you to relax, smile and enjoy the small things whilst understanding that a happy mind needs regular focussed training???

The Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation programme is practical neuroscience with a deep grounding in Dzogchen Buddhist philosophy. This course is a blend of modern and ancient, depth and humour, practical tools for teaching meditation alongside a profound inner journey.

Many years ago, Michael Daly had a life changing shift in his meditation practice after being introduced to a Buddhist Dzogchen teacher in India. He has blended this direct awakening style of meditation with the more gradual, science based approaches to mindfulness and breathwork. Now in its second decade, this powerful 80 or 110 hr programme of meditation teacher training is a deep dive into techniques, philosophy and personal development.

The course is taught via online learning plus 5 x 6 hr (zoom) teacher training calls. There is also a 4 day retreat option. This training is not just to learn meditation techniques but also to help you develop into a confident facilitator of workshops, courses, retreats and corporate trainings.

5 Weeks Pre-Learning and 6 Weeks Facilitator Training. Runs twice annually.

Agaram Bagaram Meditation Yoga

Performance Coaching Australia
03 8354 4140

Gain the confidence, knowledge, and practical skills needed to guide others in meditation with a no bullshit yet compassionate and approachable style.
It seems that everyone wants to do a meditation course, become a teacher, start a business….and all in a few weeks ! Consider the irony that ‘being in a hurry’ and being anxious to ‘succeed’ are precisely the reasons many people turn to meditation in the first place.
Instead begin to :
  • Discover what is most meaningful to you
  • Notice how meditation is the practice of acknowledging that there is already quiet within you
  • Learn to self-regulate your thoughts & emotions
  • Resolve inner conflict
  • Learn to share practices naturally. We cannot share that which we have not experienced ourselves.
The Mindful Yoga School

The Mindful Yoga School

Enhance your own personal meditation and mindfulness practice, and learn how to introduce others to it too. This 110hr program will:

  • Complement/enhance your existing offerings, particularly in the health & wellness and human services space
  • Guide you on how to hold space for a range of audiences and individuals in your own authentic way
  • Teach you to deliver your own Introduction to Mindfulness program AND Integrating Mindfulness Into Everyday Life program
  • Provide you with certification for a rewarding career pathway as a certified Meditation Teacher
  • Learn about the evidence-based benefits of mindfulness meditation, while gaining an overview of the history of meditation and other styles, theories and techniques.
University of Divinity
9412 3309

Graduate Certificate in Teaching Meditation

The course is for those seeking to learn the methods and skills of teaching meditation and prayer in a variety of situations including primary and secondary schools, parishes, youth groups, and hospitals. It focuses on the personal practice and benefits of meditative prayer, and facilitation and discernment approaches allowing students to apply their learning in their own context. The course includes three units of work:

  • Meditation in the Christian Tradition: Students will be introduced to the richness of the Christian meditation and prayer traditions.
  • Applied Meditation: Students engage in professional experience in leading meditation and prayer groups in locations such as schools, hospitals, universities, youth and parish groups.
  • Meditation and Wholeness: Students examine meditation and prayer approaches to enhance wellbeing and healing.

The Gawler Meditation Teacher Training Program

Want to learn in a highly personalised, highly interactive, fun environment? Learning through enquiry and doing is our focus. While these trainings are supported by the structure of comprehensive manuals, we help you to explore the possibilities, experiment with different approaches, and develop your own unique style.

Led by world authorities who love teaching. Drawing upon Ian Gawler’s international best-selling books:

Meditation – an In-depth Guide
Blue Sky Mind; the best of traditional wisdom and modern research.

All you need to become competent and confident.

Two 5 day modules with 40 contact hours each. Residential only so you can focus as well as have some time out for yourself.

For registration or more information contact Program Manager Sandy Clinton:

Registration of a meditation teacher training course

If you would like to enquire about registering a meditation teacher training course please email