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Australian Meditation Conference 2018

A selection of keynote presentations from the Australian Meditation Conference in 2018.

Dr Craig HassedIs Mindfulness Buddhist?$30Buy Now
Lisa FordeThe Power of Presence in One to One Meditation Teaching$30Buy Now
Leigh BlashkiThe Path of Meditation in the Non-Dual Tradition of Kashmir Shaivism$30Buy Now
Janet Etty-LealHolistic, Heartful and Creative Mindful Discoveries for Children$30Buy Now
PoDCalm In A Storm$5Buy Now
PoDPain management awareness for meditation teachers $5Buy Now
Lisa Forde ACHSMarketing for Meditation Teachers$35Buy Now
Lisa Forde ACHSSetting up your meditation business $35Buy Now
Dr Bruno CayounMental Health Awareness for Meditation Teachers $40Buy Now
Vidyamala BurchPain and The Body $30Buy Now