Most Sundays, when I get to our Church there is a bloke sitting outside on the tables we have placed there, facing the strip shopping street. The tables are pretty rough, as are the seats. That way they don’t get pinched too quickly.

But Anthony seems comfortable enough. After a greeting I give him a copy of the Sunday Service. A bit later he gives it back, says something succinct but positive about my reflection, adds to it and then goes on his way before the Service starts. Sometimes I see him again at our Monday meditations.

A few weeks back, triggered by one of our early morning conversations, he gave me two books he had produced.I had no idea about his story and what led to his contribution through ‘Cultural Harmony Now.’

Anthony has gathered poems and art works from 15 schools and 11 countries in our Asian region, including China,Taiwan and Myanmar.
His whole yearning is to see better relationships, cultural harmony. He lets the children’s wisdom speak to us, like in the painting of Yasmin, aged 9.

John Hendry is another who works for better relationships. Coming out of the referendum, he is thinking of how to help parents, teachers and students find a continuing path towards reconciling relationships. Relationship based education

Last Friday we held Peace Prayers and Meditations in St Paul’s Cathedral, given the suffering in Israel and Gaza. Even though it was organised very quickly, those able to come from our multi faith advisory committee to the State Government were present, with Church leaders.

People lit candles, offered flowers ,prayed and meditated in deep silence, drawn closer by exquisite music.

There are good people everywhere.

It’s good to remember this. Be it Anthony, Yasmin, John, these dear faith leaders and also artists in symmetry who are playing for change.

We don’t need anymore trouble.

What we need is love.

There are good people everywhere singing the same song.

Remembering this helps us keep going.


One song speaks to our global moment.

It begins with a brilliant, passionate guitarist in Tel Aviv.

There are little kids dancing in Africa, girls swaying to the music in Ireland and India, a musician of the Arab/Jewish Orchestra overlooking Jerusalem and another in Nazareth.