Meditation Australia aims to develop, promote and support the teaching and practice of meditation by pursuing the following aims and objectives:

Meditation Teaching

To define criteria for those wishing to be recognised and registered as meditation teachers or meditation teacher training organisations.
To uphold professionalism and ethical standards, and to foster continuing professional development, networking and community among meditation teachers.
To act as the peak body for meditation teachers; to advocate for and represent their interests.

Meditation Practice

To encourage uptake of, and foster development in, meditation by members of the general public.
To encourage organisations, businesses, companies, educational institutions and government to incorporate meditation into organisational culture and policy.
To act as a public voice for the practice of meditation, including but not limited to the benefits of meditation and advocating for meditation as an integral part of life.

Our Values

Sharing, inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, relevance, passion, integrity, responsibility and nurturing growth.

Our Mission

To develop, promote and support the teaching and practice of meditation.

Our Vision

Meditation as an integral part of life.