Many of you will remember Kim Minos from our Nature Based Awareness PoD last year. We have been waiting for an opportunity to hear more of his wisdom!

Kim has been working with plants and herbs all his life. Initially through horticulture, Landscape design , permaculture and environmental education. He then moved to Naturopathy and lecturing in Naturopathic Education as part of his process of healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities . He has Lectured in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathic Philosophy for many years and is a Mentor for recent graduates of naturopathy. He has worked with hospitals and the medical profession to help create bridges between Complementary medicine and Western medicine.

He now works from his home-based clinic growing herbs,  manufacturing medicines, seeing clients and sometimes, introducing them to their medicine growing in the garden from the garden. He conducts Herbal Medicine workshops teaching Herbal medicine manufacturing and exploring our relationships with the Kingdoms of the Nature from his garden.His approach to healing is continuously evolving and incorporates the Naturopathic principles of the healing power in nature with classes in Meditation and personal spiritual alchemy.

Kim will be presenting:
Our relationships with the Natural World ,and becoming one with our environmental body.
We are all in a process of healing and becoming whole. Our relationships with all aspects of life around us, are very much part of this process and through this journey we discover there is no separation between the inner and outer.
We are indeed all one and the practice of relating with the Natural kingdoms provides us with profound insights and experiences of this.
Kim’s approach is very much informed by Naturopathic Philosophy based of the principle of Vis Medicatrix naturae; The healing power of nature,  and the many ways we can engage with nature with appreciation, gratitude and wonder all of which supports the bodies’ inherent tendency to want to naturally restore itself to a state of harmony.

Many indigenous cultures have this understanding as their way of life where all the kingdoms of nature are respected, valued and appreciated. That the earth is essentially their mother and the Sun the father  and out of this respect and appreciation comes a deeper understanding of our planet as a living being of which we are all a part of, that we are all part of a living biosphere and we not only heal, but thrive and survive when this relationship is understood and respected.

The therapeutic benefits of nature have been well documented through hundreds of scientific studies. Deepening the awareness of our relationship with the planet and all aspects of nature helps to develop our own awareness and understanding of ourselves. The experiences can be profoundly transformative and healing as we let go of the illusions of separation and allow more of the experience of Oneness and Unity into daily lives.

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