Meet new member Alison Kirkman …

Alison recently graduated as a meditation teacher from the Sydney Institute of Meditation, after many years or private practise. While I have experience in many types of meditations, I specialise in open-eye meditations and mindfulness practises.

My aim is to teach meditation to those that think they aren’t able to meditate – to show them there’s not just one way to meditate, and that anyone can do it.

I have learned that not every style of meditation works for everyone, so making modifications to style and techniques can be really helpful to reach everyone in your sessions. I’m also really interested in the neuroscience and psychology behind meditation, which I will continue to study to better my practise.

What’s the story behind your first meditation experience?
I first came across meditation over 20 years ago while studying performing arts in Sydney, we used it as a means to ease nerves before performances. 

What or who inspires you?
I’m inspired by the scientific community that are backing the benefits of meditation. 

Cushion time:
30 minutes practise today on a chair 

Meditation Apps, yes or no?
Meditation apps can be helpful, I use both Calm and Insight Timer. 

You’re the voice: Do you sing in the shower?
Of course! 

The getting of wisdom: What’s the best, or most important thing, you’ve learned as a meditation teacher?
Not one style fits all. 

What makes your heart sing and what you have come to value most?
People who support others’ success. Get yourself a cheer squad! 

What’s the most inspiring or loveliest thing you’ve seen or experienced today?
My puppy Ruby slapping my phone out of my hand and reminding me to savour every moment together. 


Alison Kirkman
Artful Awareness Meditation