Meet Meditation Australia member Ashok Nayak

Ashok, has built a successful career across consulting and technology over nearly 30-years. Amid the challenges of a demanding corporate life, he embraced daily meditation from 1994. His journey involves extensive travel, long workdays, and managing stress.

Through diverse meditation practices, he found peace, strength, creativity, and resilience. To share the secrets of easy and enjoyable meditation, he’s dedicated to helping busy professionals find their bliss.

Himalayan Meditation by Shri Dev Babaji (commenced in July 2021 and After being deeply influenced by the book, Living With The Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama, Ashok was fortunate enough to be accepted by Shri Dev Babaji. During the course of his time in the Himalayas, Shri Dev Babaji was a direct disciple of Swami Rama. He also learnt from the Avadoot Saint ‘Hans Baba’ and Master Naren Baba. Since July 2021, Shri Dev Babaji has taught Ashok Dhyan, Shynua Dhyan, Kriyas, Antar Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Shivoham, Know Thy Mind, Me and Mind and Transcendental Meditation. Ashok continues to learn from Shri Dev Babaji and is offering his knowledge on his guru’s gentle encouragement

After being inspired by a remarkable professor in college, Ashok started practicing the Silva Method each morning based on a book by Jose Silva. He attended the Silva Basic Lecture series and graduated from the program. He repeated the program 3 more times to deepen his practice. There in October 1997, he completed the Silva Ultra Seminar for advanced Silva graduates. This program is available only to Silva Graduates and is designed to teach healers, to inspire and to empower others. It was delivered in-person by Jose Silva’s nephew and specialised in energy-based healing, advanced visualisation and subjective communication to inspire others. Till he moved on a spiritual path with his Himalayan guru, the Silva Method was a regular part of Ashok’s meditation practice for over 25 years.

DMP is a deep relaxation technique focused on the Delta state of mind and delivers several benefits including stress release, creativity uplift, leadership skills, prevention of the amygdala hijack and overall increase in EQ. In 2004, Ashok underwent an in-person weeklong training on the DMP. He has regularly practiced the technique to realise specific benefits.

What’s the story behind your first meditation experience?
After being inspired by a remarkable professor in college, I started practicing the Silva Method each morning based on a book by Jose Silva. I later attended the Silva Basic Lecture series and graduated from the program.

What or who inspires you?
The books ‘Living with the Himalayan Masters’ by Swami Rama and ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda have both deeply inspired me. My guru Shri Dev Babaji inspires me on a daily basis to progress on my own inner journey and to help others cope with challenges on their journeys.

Cushion time: How long did you meditate for today?
This morning I meditated from 3:30AM to 6:30AM covering Dhyan, Shunya Dhyan, Trikuti breathing, some guided meditation and Kriyas. The posture was cross legged (semi lotus pose) on my meditation carpet.

Tools: Meditation Apps, yes or no?
Insight Timer has been a favourite. Been using it since 2013.

You’re the voice: Do you sing in the shower?
In my mind 🙂

The getting of wisdom: What’s the best, or most important thing, you’ve learned as a meditation teacher?
As extensions of the same universe, we are all one. We belong to the same consciousness.

What makes your heart sing and what you have come to value most?
Just experiencing the joy and peace all around us fills my heart. Being alive to experience the universe and everyone and everything within is what I value most.

The best thing today: What’s the most inspiring or loveliest thing you’ve seen or experienced today?
Truffle, my meditation buddy 🙂

Ashok Nayak

Blissful Dhyani