Meet Nicky Smith, teaching Dru Meditation in Western Australia

I have only been teaching meditation for a year however have been a yoga teacher for over 5 years. I teach Dru Meditation which comes from the yogic tradition of meditation. I teach in person and online classes based in my hometown of Dalyellup, Western Australia.

Sharing practices to support mindfulness meditation I have learned that all of us can benefit from more kindness and self-compassion. I have learned that keeping it simple works best by sharing practices people can add to their “toolbox” and use off the mat or cushion in their daily lives.

What’s the story behind your first meditation experience? I was introduced to meditation by a fellow Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher Sarah Collin over 15 years ago. I started attending yoga classes and was drawn to the meditation practices. Attending a weekend retreat deepened my interest and practice. Since then I have been a regular daily meditator.

What or who inspires you? Nature inspires me! So while I sit for meditation practice each day I also love to walk in nature fully immersed with all the senses engaged.

My favourite saying is consistency is better than brilliance!

Cushion time Today as in most days I sit in meditation in my studio space on my cushion with my World Peace Flame for 10 to 15 minutes.

Tools: Meditation Apps, yes or no? Yes loved apps as I started my practice and I found benefit in the Muse headset to give me biofeedback. These days I prefer my own practice but like the motivation of tracking my practice on an app such as Insight Timer or Centre. If I am feeling distracted or uninspired I will go to a guided practice on Insight Timer.

You’re the voice: Do you sing in the shower? No! Maybe humming in the shower instead. Definitely have many good ideas and creative solutions arrive in the shower though.

The getting of wisdom: What’s the best, or most important thing, you’ve learned as a meditation teacher? To be kind to yourself and continue to show up for practice. If you don’t practice in the morning do it later in the day. If you miss a day or two just come back to your practice. I don’t notice as easily the effects of my daily practice as much as I did when first commenced meditation. However I certainly notice my day does not flow smoothly if I skip my morning practice.

What makes your heart sing and what you have come to value most? The stillness of the start of a new day full of possibilities. I value that still point before the busyness of my day begins. And fostering kittens brings me great joy!

What’s the most inspiring or loveliest thing you’ve seen or experienced today? My 3 foster kittens born 1 January 2024.


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