Samantha Wynn

Tell us about your life, what makes your heart sing and perhaps what you have come to value most.

My name is Sammy, I’m a married mum of two and a fur mum to one puppy named Diesel who I’m proud to admit I share my morning brekkie and meditation practice with each day. Spending time with my family and enjoying a nice meal out with my husband is what makes my heart sing. I value quiet afternoons at home and am most content snuggled up reading a great book.

Why do you meditate and where do you most like to meditate?

I meditate as a way to connect back to my heart, body and spirituality. Meditation allows me to honour my own needs and find a place of calm among the chaos of life. In the summer I enjoy meditating outside in nature. The sound of the birds, the breeze and the smell of freshly cut grass are my favourite sensory experiences to connect to during that time. In the winter, I prefer to meditate inside with a cosy blanket and eye pillow to allow my body lots of rest during the quieter season.

What two or three words describe your experience in meditation?

Joyful, heartfelt and inspiring.

Who has inspired you most in your meditation journey?

My greatest inspiration comes from my clients, especially the children that I work with. They inspire me everyday to connect more deeply to my personal practice and to share more broadly the gift of mindfulness and meditation. I also have to acknowledge my Mum who introduced me to the practice from a very young age, such a blessing to have this as a foundation throughout my life.

As a teacher of meditation what are 2 or 3 keys you have learned that make you a better teacher?

I have learnt that a meditation practice doesn’t just have to be something you turn to for the challenging moments in your life, it can also be there for the joyful moments. For moments of celebration, inspiration and gratitude. I’ve also learnt that being open minded when it comes to teaching and sharing the gift of mindfulness is key, especially when working with children. They will happily tell you what they do and don’t like so you need to be able to modify, think quickly and be open to continually seeing things from their child eyes. Finally, and most importantly I have learnt that I teach best when I create space for and prioritise my own personal practice, it’s the foundation upon which I’m then able to guide others.


Sammy Wynn

Mindfulness and Mindset Coach

Children’s Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher

Member of Meditation Australia Association

Sammy was a finalist in the recent Sutherland Shire business awards, congratulations!