Meet new Meditation Australia member Sophie Al-Muhammady who brings her life experience to her passion for teaching meditation.

Growing up in a country steeped in ancient history while pursuing a career as an information technology engineer and practicing various types of meditation has enriched my perspective and expanded my awareness. 

Living and traveling to different places in the world, and working in diverse cultures, further fine-tuned both aspects. The knowledge I gained from these experiences has been dedicated to guiding people around me, both personally and professionally over the last 20 years. My aim has been to help them increase their focus and productivity, attain a calmer mind, reduce stress and burnout, and regulate their emotions, among many other scientifically proven meditation benefits. Eventually, the time came when I decided to make guidance my primary focus through DAWY. 

What’s the story behind your first meditation experience?
The very first time I was introduced to meditation was through one of the podcasts after which I wanted to dig more. I found an organisation (unfortunately I don’t remember its name) which offers weekly free guided, loving kindness, meditations for four times.
I am a fibromyalgia patient and still remember what happened in one of the sessions. I was having pain along my spine before the session to end the session pain free! 

Since that day I decided to meditate daily through self guidance. I was using the book “the mind illuminated” and…..
And I have changed dramatically, and I was really surprised by the effect and change!
I started to feel kind of guilty knowing something that can really help us to grow and not sharing it. And at that time I knew that I need to start teaching meditation. And here I am applying to complete this journey. 

What or who inspires you?
Everything, literally everything.
Every situation, every person, every living thing.
The natural harmony and balance happening all the time around us.
As if I’m watching a symphony and you are asking me which player you like the most! All the players, if on player is missing, the symphony will be incomplete. 

Cushion time: How long did you meditate for today?
The cushion time is a 30 minutes daily.
Walking time is one hour daily.
The only days I missed, I was either travelling or there was an emergency. 

Tools: Meditation Apps, yes or no?
No, I am more into self guiding. 

You’re the voice: Do you sing in the shower?
Not in the shower, but I tend to sing all the time, sometimes recording it to get a grasp of the family suffer. only when I hear my singing I understand 😀 

The getting of wisdom: What’s the best, or most important thing, you’ve learned as a meditation teacher? To know to which extent people are different. and how great being different is!
it is what makes us complete. 

I remember talking to one of my friends about meditation (before having the meditation teacher course) and she was telling me I feel nervous when I close my eyes!
I couldn’t get it, how come a person can feel nervous when closing their eyes?!
Till I learnt, and most importantly understood and embraced. 

What makes your heart sing and what you have come to value most?
Being of help.
and the thing I really value the most any act or gesture that helps any person (especially vulnerable) feel better. 

The best thing today: What’s the most inspiring or loveliest thing you’ve seen or experienced today? (And can you send us a photo of it?)
A song I’ve heard sung by one of my friends.
She is not a singer, and never recorded herself singing! But she was celebrating an occasion and was so very happy with it that she started singing and recorded herself.
The smile stayed on my face for hours! 

Sophie Al-Muhammady