Meditation and Prayer, Reflections and Conversation

A personal development session exploring prayer, contemplation and reflection.

Sunday March 27th  2pm – 3pm (AEDT)
Online via Zoom

Facilitated by:
Patti McBain
Bishop Philip Huggins

Welcome to the first of a new offering from Meditation Australia. We know how much you get out of the PoD’s, the professional development sessions we run each year. What emerged from last year was a desire to go a bit deeper, a bit more into the personal development area. Of course personal development is every bit as important as our professional development. We are all always on a journey as teachers.

So we here we are with the first of the Seed Sessions, supporting personal development, enquiry and discovery. It is certainly a time when people are thinking about and choosing to participate in prayer or reflection

“A group of people quietly praying together would seem to be capable of no tangible effect on such a vividly violent scene as a war with modern weapons. Those who choose prayer over more visible action may be regarded as passive. Yet, on the contrary, prayer is the greatest antidote to fearful, helpless attitudes.”
Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

Spend time sharing and conversing, and in group reflection.

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