An eminent teacher of Meditation in Australia, Subhana Barzaghi is one of our presenters for our forum Common Ground – Meditation in Australia.

She has been a Buddhist practitioner for 45 years, and authorised to teach in two different Buddhist traditions. She is a Zen Buddhist Roshi in the Diamond Sangha and resident teacher of the Sydney Zen Centre and guiding teacher for the Melbourne Zen Group.
Subhana is also an Insight Meditation teacher and founder of Kuan Yin Meditation Centre in Lismore and Blue Gum Sangha in Sydney. Subhana teaches intensive seven day Zen meditation sesshins and Insight Meditation retreats and dharma workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. Subhana and Alan Bassal are the Directors of the two year Mindfulness & Compassion Teacher training course and guiding teachers for the Insight Dharma Teacher’s Training & mentoring course under the Insight Meditation Institute.
Common Ground – Meditation in Australia
May 29th 2021
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