What does ‘Experienced Teacher’ mean?

If you have taught meditation on a regular basis for at least two years, and, prior to commencing work as a meditation teacher,

received either formal or informal meditation teacher training, you may wish to apply for membership as an ‘Experienced Teacher’. This type of application is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

When choosing this type of application in the online application form, experienced teachers are asked to upload two formal letters of reference from recognised meditation teachers, organisations, employers or health related professionals. These letters must describe your teaching experience, endorse your teaching practice, and recommend that you be accepted for membership.


What kind of training do I need to complete to qualify as a ‘New Graduate?’

New Graduates must provide a certificate of completion from a teacher training program. This program must meet the competencies and hours of training as outlined in the Curriculum Guidelines and Membership Criteria (as shown in the table below).

New graduates who can demonstrate that they have completed teacher training with one of the teacher training organisations registered by Meditation Australia will automatically be granted membership with MA.

Graduates who have trained elsewhere are advised to contact us before completing the application form. Submission of further evidence, such as training course content, may be required as part of the application process.

For more information, please view our Criteria page.


What is Provisional Membership?

Provisional Membership is available to people who have had a personal practice of meditation for a minimum of two years and have completed 80 hours of meditation teacher training in the areas of competency outlined in the curriculum guidelines. 

It is to be understood that Provisional Membership is a pathway to Full Membership, which can be achieved on completion of a further 30 hours’ training within the first three years of membership. Commonly, this additional training can be completed via actual teaching, under supervision or mentorship. MA provides a straightforward mentoring structure and agreement for this purpose.

Provisional Members can access all of the benefits of Full Membership, but they are required to complete further training (30 hours) under supervision or mentorship, over 3 years, to gain Full Membership.

Download the Mentorship Template here


Which Teacher Training Organisations have been registered by Meditation Australia?

The following independent teacher training organisations have registered their courses with Meditation Australia.

Please note that the level of entry at either Provisional or Full membership varies between courses.

Members entering at the Provisional level are required to complete a further 30 hours’ of training, either under supervision or through a mentorship agreement. (See the question above regarding Provisional Membership for more information.)

For entry as a Provisional Member:

Melbourne Meditation Centre

Advanced Certificate with Australian Centre for Holistic Studies

Lifeflow Meditation Centre

Modules 1 and 2 with Yarra Valley Learning Centre (The Gawler Foundation)

For entry as Full Member:

Diploma with Australian Centre for Holistic Studies

Modules 1, 2 and 3 with Yarra Valley Learning Centre (The Gawler Foundation)

Mindfulness Training Institute

Integrative Restorative Institute – iRest

Yoga and Integrative Medicine Institute – YIMI

Gita International

Nature Care College

Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre

Trans Genesis School of Yoga and Meditation


Which membership category should I select?

The membership categories of Personal Development, Spiritual and Therapeutic assist the public in finding a teacher who meets their needs. You are welcome to select one, two or all three of these categories, as befits your training.

Personal Development: These meditation teachers are proficient at fostering a range of skills, qualities and outcomes that may include self-understanding, interpersonal abilities, coping capacities, general life skills, improved performance, a developed sense of self, behavioural change, emotional balance, clear thinking, self-care capacities, awareness of and sensitivity towards others, and general wellbeing.

Spiritual: Organisations that offer meditation teacher training in this category are primarily oriented to the development of spiritual/religious insights and capacities in those they train. This teaching may take place in the context of a particular religious or spiritual tradition and may or may not rely upon a formal curriculum. Study may involve dedication to a spiritual/religious way of life.

Therapeutic: Therapeutic meditation teachers augment a degree level qualification in a health-related field with meditation teaching training from either the Personal Development or Spiritual categories. The primary intention of Therapeutic meditation is to treat illness, to manage symptoms and/or to promote physical, emotional and psychological health and wellbeing.

Please note that if you choose the Therapeutic category you will be required to show evidence of the completion of a recognised tertiary qualification in a health-related field.



How do I access insurance?

Members of the Meditation Association of Australia are offered the option to access tailored insurance policies at heavily discounted rates through our endorsed insurance broker, Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG). Cost-effective premiums start from $155 per annum. This is based on $10,000,000 public liability and $1,000,000 professional indemnity limits.

Should you decide to apply for insurance with Arthur J. Gallagher, please contact them directly on 1800 222 012. You will be required to quote your Meditation Association of Australia membership number on the insurance application form. This number can be found on the Certificate of Membership forwarded to you upon approval of your application. Arthur J. Gallagher can usually set up a new insurance policy for you within 24 hours.


What is the position description for a meditation teacher? Are there things I can and can’t do?

Meditation Australia’s Formal Scope of Practice for meditation teachers clearly outlines expectations in relation to this role.

It is accepted that Meditation Teachers are not to be regarded as trained counsellors. It is therefore recommended that teachers establish a network of local qualified practitioners, should they need to refer a client for further support. A list of support organisations can also be found on the Risks and Adverse Effects page of our website.

Mediation Australia expects its members to observe the MA Code of Ethics and Conduct. Please familiarise yourself with this document before completing your application.


What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is widely accepted as a necessity in any profession. It is MA’s responsibility to ensure that meditation teachers engage in ongoing professional development.

For this reason, and to ensure that our members are recognised as “professional” by their peers, MA has introduced a requirement for members to earn at least 30 CPD points in each 3 years of membership, with evidence of CPD undertaken to be provided each year at renewal.

Members are requested to record their CPD activities on the downloadable form below and submit the completed form when they renew their membership. MA will collate each member’s CPD points on an annual basis in the expectation that a total of 30 points will be accrued in every three-year period.

Download CPD Template 


How can I use the MA Registered Teacher logo?

Members can use the MA Registered Teacher logo in their advertising and promotional materials. Use of the logo is limited to locations directly related to your teaching ie the logo cannot be used in such a way as to suggest that MA has recognised any other aspects of your business: only your meditation teaching. At all times your right to use this logo is at MA’s discretion.


I still have questions.

If you would like further support, please contact Meditation Australia’s Executive Officer, Karen Stone, by emailing or phoning 0475 709 612.